«Tsargrad» Hotel:

Reception: +7-(495)-543-3350 (24 hours)
Moscow region, Serpukhov area, Spas Teshilovo village, 3-3

How to get to «Tsargrad» Hotel:

By taxi: the most suitable taxi for foreigners is UBER, known throughout the world. Participants of the conference wishing share taxi from/to airport could use forms Arrival and Departure to fill corresponding spreadsheets.
By train: from Kursky railway station or Kalanchevskaya, Tsaritsino stations (Moscow) to Serpukhov station (indicating the direction of Serpukhov, Tula), then by bus number 33 to Tsargrad bus stop or by taxi. The trip takes 1,5 hours by train and 30 minutes from Serpukhov to Tsargrad bus stop. Bus route to Tsargrad Hotel
By bus:  From Yuzhnaya metro station (first car from the center) exit in the direction of Yuzhnaya shopping center to the suburban buses.
Bus 359:  «Moscow-Puschino» goes till the last stop in the town of Puschino – «Railway station», then you can either take a taxi or bus number 33 to Tsargrad. The trip will take you from Moscow to Pushchino about 1,5 hours and from Pushchino to Tsargrad - about 5 minutes.
Bus 458:  «Moscow-Serpukhov» goes till the last stop of the town of Serpukhov - «Railway Station», then you can take a taxi or go by bus 33 to Tsargrad. The trip from Moscow to Serpukhov will take you 1,5 - 2 hours and from Serpukhov to Tsargrad - about 30 minutes. Car Route to Tsargrad Hotel 95 km from Moscow sown Simferopolsky highway (M2) - high-speed track. Drive about 80 km to the bridge over Oka Then, drive about 2 km and then turn right at the junction (Pushchino and Tsatgrad Spas Teshilovo) Climbing the junction without turning to the bridge, turn left at the sign Tsargrad Spas Teshilovo, after descending a small hill turn right (pointer to Tsargrad Spas Teshilovo) Then for about 8 km pass Uzhin, Celine, Meshcherinovo villages and turn right to Tsargrad Hotel.
GPS-coordinates of the hotel: N 54 50.332 E 03 734.598